Monday, August 14, 2006

Storms and Cow-folk

Well, its been crazy here, meteorologically speaking. Lightning, thunder, rain, and now hail. Now, I say hail, but what I really mean is "crop-shredding-mayhem". Although I doubt the weather forecast would include "a 40% chance of crop-shredding-mayhem, and a humidity of 65%". I can dream. Anyway, on with the pics (seeing as they will speak 2000 words, and you don't want me rambling for quite that long).

And what do you do with that much hail? Hail-a-ritas of course.
Much fun was had by all.

So, Yorkton was mean to us. We wanted to go down to Regina and Moose Jaw for some house-hunting and car shopping, but they had to go and host the Ranch Rodeo. Who can leave town on THAT weekend? Not us, that's who. Also, not these people (because when else are they going to be able to wear their outfits)

So the day consisted of a series of events ranging from roping to herding, with some racing in between. There were some real personalities, like calf number 10 (he was a real fighter) and this lady, who was ALSO a real fighter (well, she looked like one).

Keep in mind that these are real, working cowboys (cow-people). They live and breathe horses and were SUPER impressive, for the most part. The had were lassoing and riding backwards and hauling bull-calves to the dirt. It was pretty intense. Look at the experience in this face:

He's seen some beans on toast. Yir darn-tootin.

There were some calves

And some cowboys (duh)
The highlight of the day was definitely the free-for all race-thingie. They let a bunch of horses go at one end of the ring, and had a bunch more cowboys chase them, rope them and saddle them, and ride back to the start. Mayhem.

It was another unique experience. We almost had some food from the local tuck-shop, but Claire felt that might be taking it a step too far.

That is all.


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