Saturday, July 08, 2006


Well, I think I've worked out what you want/like. Its not the "we did this and then that and blah..." stuff, is it? Its the "this is why Canada is weird and stuff" stuff. I'm right, no? You don't want the travel channel, do you? So lets get the travel channel out the way:

We went out to "great spirit lake" last weekend. It was nice. I took this picture.
Yorkton's main road, Broadway.
Taken from outside the liquor store (don't ask), but look, a sign...

See, that wasn't so hard?

So, on with the random shit.

We had slurpies. I was tempted to go for a "big gulp", which is only the second biggest (the mammoth is called something like the gulpiest-gulp-a-licious or something equally stupid), but I really didn't need 2 litres of flavoured ice. So we just got semi-small. I think there were seven different sizes. Seriously.

I don't think I've had anything quite as "toxic-blue" pass my lips since I was 6 and actually WANTED bubblegum icecreams. I miss those days - I'm going to eat more things that hurt my eyes.

ILM (for Lindie and people too afraid to ask)

We went looking for somewhere on the lake to have a little picnic. No luck, but look what we did find. Two of them. There is hope for this place yet.

Can anyone explain why this sign needs this much detail? Perhaps they mean "Look out for little boys wearing shorts running across the street" and they have yet to add a sign for little girls, dogs, boys playing tennis, kids on bikes, etc.

Thats suburbia in the BG. Look at how "cookie cutter ville" this place is. Complete with ornaments.

One road over is where they sell the harvesters. And seeders. And threshers. Its scary that I know what those are. And which the good brands are. Oi!

The Prairies arent all bad. We are surrounded by enourmous fields of this. I think its Canola.

And when was the last time you saw such an awesome sky?

For simplicity, I'm going to finish this post and get on with the "WTF?" in a new one. Love you guys.


At 5:35 AM, Blogger Jackie said...

Hi there the two of you.
Haven't read your blog for ages, so it was great to get up to date with your adventures again.
Herb and I have just come back from two weeks in Brazil, so know how you feel about exploring a new country.
Steph leaves on Thursday for a month in Hawaii - her first experience overseas.
If you need any help with your apartment, we would be pleased to help.
Love to you both.

At 6:00 PM, Anonymous Matt K said...

Wow! As usual, fantastic pics!

Canada sounds more and more appealing - especially seeing the sky. I'm a sucker for great skies...

Though the plastic animals and same-same-houses-ville is just plain creepy!

ILM. Mutherfucker! Shit! Poes! Kont! Doos! Naai!

Sorry... Just had to get that off my chest. Man I would like to have a mentor from ILM. So who you gonna work for when you're done? Weta? Blur? ILM? You go for it guy!

Melt - you will find this interesting. Phil Boltt (the other animation xChange guy) - he's currently working for Weta till November!

Well you two - keep well and enjoy the wierdness - before it pulls you over to the dark side!



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