Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Canada, Oh Canada

We are sitting in a rainy Penticton, a place which every Canadian I have met says is the the most beautiful place in the world. Frankly I'm a bit disappointed, Canadians don't know what a beach is - it is not a strip of sand next to a lake.

This trip has been really amazing, we've seen lots of what we hoped Canada would be and is, beauty that we couldn't have imagined and spirit that we didn't think Canadians possessed. We have seen some big centres, namely Edmonton and Vancouver as well as some of the lakes and forests of the Rockies and loved them both. I find there to be something very reassuring about a big city, the anonymity, the feeling that I could find my place, my niche because there are so many to choose from. Its weird but I think you can be more yourself in a city than a small town. Small towns all force some kind of conformity on you, and give you a sense that you are being frowned upon and constantly judged - not for me. I think every so often you need to stand in a place where all you can see is nature, where you can feel how small and insignificant you really are and feel in awe of whatever you choose. I recommend the Rockies.

I was beginning to wonder if Canadians had any soul, most of them just seem so polite, unobtrusive, in offensive. And then, the hockey. That is what they save their pride and spirit for. For all non Canadians, a local team - The Edmonton Oilers - are in the NHL finals. Every and I mean EVERY car in Edmonton is flying an Oilers flag, the firetruck an even bigger one, everyone is wearing oilers kit and everywhere you go there is a rumble of "lets go oilers, lets go!" Sitting in a little pub in Jasper, surrounded by the awesome Rockies, drinking locally brewed beer, watching the first game of the finals, I actually felt a little Canadian and it didn't feel bad.


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