Monday, May 22, 2006

Slight Change

Hi Readers (Most of whom I know. Jacques, seriously man. Please tell me who you are. If you live in Canada, maybe we could even meet in person, since the people in this town aren't really friendly.) Anyway, I seem to have been hit by a spammer. Someone commented on the Winnipeg post saying something like "adoring your site so excellent and the graphics be greatness" or something equally grammatically flawed/non-english speaking. Underneath was a link to some or other credit risk agency. Me-thinks it were a people what can like to be using my "adorable" blog for its own uses-ness.

So, the change will be that when you leave a comment (each and every one of which we LOVE and makes us feel a little closer to home) you will need to type in the letters/word you see all twisted and bent on the page. Its to help prevent automatic "hackers" from leaving comments like the one above. Thank you for your patience.

In the news this week, we have plans for Vancouver, flying in the skies over yorkton, some golf, and some (highly amusing and annoying) ranting. Stay tuned, its all coming up, right here, on the Snowblindness blog!


That is all.


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