Sunday, May 14, 2006

Hello from Yorkton Regional Hospital

Hello:) I'm on call again. Man its been a busy week, and its not over yet. It started with a 24 hour call, followed by a 5 hour drive to Winniepeg, then 3 days of long exams, the return drive and straight into this which will be follwed by a day at the office, and then perhaps some calm.

I have recenlty had a long chat with a 85 year old man who had recently lost his wife. They were married over 50 years. He was easily the saddest man I have ever met. He couldn't help himself, he just cried unashamedly and laughed and cried. He is still so in love with his wife, he was speaking about her like she was a beautiful 16 year old girl. It was a such an insight for me, he told me how he forgets that she is gone, and its the little things that don't happen, like her telling him to pick up his socks that make him miss her most. He says he is not suicidal, but hopes he dies soon because he has got nothing left to live for. He has no family, no kids, she was his life. I can't imagine his pain. It made me think about whats really important when it finally comes down to it. Life is really only about love, about how much we love and the effect that has on others. Everything else is meaningless when it comes to the end, your money, your power, your looks, your intelligence - worthtless. This man's wife has living proof of how much she loved and unfortunately that proof is a sad, hopeless grieving old man who wouldn't trade his pain for anything because it is a reminder of how much he has lost.

Okay, so sorry about the downer. On a lighter note another thing Canadians say is - "thank you much" weird people.

K. Bye


At 5:09 AM, Anonymous sal sal said...

thats why u gotta come home...:(


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