Sunday, April 23, 2006


Okay, so it was actually glow bowling and it was for Pam's(one of the nice nurses here) birthday. She's the one we went to Pockets with a few weeks ago, and has been very nice to Claire at work. Now, she invited both of us (obviously) but Claire is working (is at work as I type - hence all the blogging) so I went along alone. I really went for the food because the last time we saw her she said that when her birthday came around, she would arrange a dinner party with traditional Ukranian food (I'm sure we've mentioned that most people here are of Ukranian descent). Perogies are potatoe stuffed... potatoe. With Cheese. Dipped in Cream. Beet rolls are... okay, let me not go into it any more than to say its all pretty "eh?". Soft tastebuds or something. The roast ham was very nice, but it was a roast ham.

Anyway, it moved from dinner to bowling at the "arena" which is three lanes glowing by the magic of UV lights. There are only 5 pins, and the balls are a little bigger than a tennis ball. You also get THREE throws. Needless to say it was PISS easy but I still felt my head swell when I won. I was going to say "I Bliksumed you okes". But I didn't. Then we all went back to her house for more drinks and merriment. All in all it was quite fun. By Yorkton standards. No head-bashing the wall excitement, but fun enough.

So I've remembered some more weirdness.=
Slow driving. The speed limit in town is 50. Most people give themselves a good 10km buffer. So that brings them down to a nice leisurely 40. Thats not the weird thing. It's that I've started driving that speed. When I'm alone and there is noone else around. I feel like such a rebel on the highway when I "druk my voet in die hoek" up to 90.

People don't walk unless the man is green. No question. Not a car for a million miles. Man=red : people=stand. Man=green:people walk. Except its a hand that's red and the man is white. Nevermind. It's weird. Apparently they fine you if you "j-walk". I dare them. I'll open up a can of whooop-ass!

Finally, they are allowed to advertise prescription drugs on tv here. You'll notice they never say the name of the viagra or myprodol on SA tv adverts. But the agreement here must be that they can advertise the drug on the condition that they list the side-effects at the end. It makes me laugh. You've all read the side effects. They are MAD!
"So enjoy a good nights sleep with blah-blah. Side effects may include headaches, drowsyness, nausea and vomitting, bleeding from the ears, and death. So speak to your doctor today about how blah-blah can help you". AS IF!? The stuff could KILL ME!? Sometimes the side effects list is half the advert - no jokes. These Canadians are WEIRD!

That is all.


At 8:48 AM, Anonymous Paul B said...

Got some time on your hands there Skippy?

At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are becoming as clinically good as the rest of the world. ONLY in Africa do people have such disregard for the sacred thing called human life!!! Only 3 days ago another old lady of 70 - shot in her driveway round the corner in Craighall for her car!! Insanity rules!!!!!! While you revel in the niceties of social life in Yorkton, poor Claire works her fingers to the bone. Shame on you!!!! It is cold in Joburg today - 18degC!!!

At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Ann said...

Sorry that was Tannie Ann wat praat. Didn't know it would come up anonymous. Silly me. Still learning.


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