Saturday, April 22, 2006

Things that are weird

Well, maybe some are weird, but mostly just different. I was just thinking about how odd it is to be driving on the right hand side of the road and thought I would just lay down the things that have been on my mind.

I've only had a couple of "OH-CRAP-SHIT-#$%*!-DAMNIT" on the wrong side of the road experiences, and it was mostly because I wasn't thinking. It's not a problem mostly, but when there is an ISLAND between the lanes... Well I'm sure you can imagine how quickly the "bad-words" fly out your mouth. Claire doesn't drive too often (since she ended up in a ditch - I still rag her), but she did find herself looking at another driver thinking "what IS that fool doing on the wrong side... OH CRAP!". It was on the HIGHWAY. At night. Nice.

Waterslides. For some reason, Canadians have a total love affair with waterslides. Not everywhere, mind you, just at hotels/lodges/motels. Every one you drive past has a sign saying "Waterslide". All appear to be indoor.
Maybe its code that Foreigners aren't supposed to understand. Maybe it really means "Free booze".

French/English. Everything has half the space available for designers. All chocolates are "Nutty Crunch" - "Krunch avec BonNuts..." or whatever that would be in french... wait - let me go look for something...Okay, I'm back (I know it seems like an instant to you, but I REALLY went away there - trippy).
We have:
Light and Crisp : Harvest Crunch / Legeres et croustillantes Croque Nature
Flaked Light Tuna / Thon Pale Emiette
Chicken Broth Mix / Poulet Melange pour bouillon

I know it seems like "yeah, so?" but sometimes the product is facing one way and not the other, so all you get is : Thon Pale Emiette. WTF?

Side Dishes: Somehow I feel like I've spoken about this. I'm too lazy to go look. When you order food at a resturant, they have a little routine they do. It goes something like this: Would you like potatoes or rice or pasta. Potatoes. Would you like them baked, stuffed, mashed or fries? Stuffed. Will that be with cheese, bacon or mushrooms? Would you like soup or salad to start (don't forget its included - this isn't a starter)? ... etc. The variety is great, but how weird is it that you can have, for example, a steak with a chicken soup and spagetti? Oh, and you get a brick of garlic toast with everything.

... I'm sure there were more. I'll keep you posted when they pop into my head.

That is all. Okay, its not. But it is for now.


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