Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Random Ramble

I've been helping out at the local school. I was asked by the Gynae's wife if I would like to help with the kids struggling with maths. (The Gynae is the coolest dude ever and is the one who's house we are staying in. More on that in a bit).

It's an "inner city school" but I think that just means that its government funded and they have a lot of problem kids. Not naughty, as such, but troubled social situations and learning difficulties and stuff. They have 5 autistic kids. 5!? Thats a whole lot for anywhere, let alone a school that has (i estimate) fewer than 200 total.

So I've been sitting with a sweet very quiet boy named Bobby. I just don't know how someone can get left so far behind in a subject like maths (or math, if you're here). He is battling to get his head around stuff he should have been up to speed with years ago. I don't know who to blame, but I know who not to blame. Bobby. The kid makes you want to cry because he so wants to get it. The principle (sweet lady too. Shook my hand when I left yesterday. Was weird. Shes still sweet), told me that he finds himself pages and pages of examples to try and forges through them alone at home. He gets almost every one wrong, but is trying so hard. Breaks your heart.
I'm hoping I can find something to help him get a foot up and get within striking distance of his class mates. Sorry to go on about it, but it's different when you know that daddy will just hire him into the business anyway, and he'll be fine. I'm sure this kid needs his education to get somewhere. Sheesh.

Here is what the school looks like:
Not very exciting, I know, but people seem to like the visual aids.

On the way home today I found a lovely example of something we never see in SA. Building with cardboard. Yes, thats right, the people here are like rich bergies. Their cardboard boxes just have windows and stuff and they paint them, but its pretty much the same idea. Check it out:

Mad, hey!?

That about wraps it up. Claire is working a million miles (okay, about 30) away tonight, so I miss her. Expect more updates today.



At 7:18 AM, Anonymous sal said...

ah thats so nice of u andrew! bet u feel fulfilled:) what a nice thing to do... i wanna do that...or go motorbiking in the himilayas or something...:)

At 7:20 AM, Anonymous Matt K said...

Glad to see you're mucking in!
Who knows? Keep it uop and they might name a street after you!

Hope you find a way to get Bobby up to speed.

As for the cardboard houses - just plain freaky! People in cardboard houses shouldn't throw.... Cheese?

On that surreal note, speak to ya soon!

At 1:26 PM, Anonymous Jo said...

Look at the two of you, raising the standard of education and health care in Yorkton....Making breakthroughs right on the frontier!

Here's to you and Bobby making a success of the maths - keep us updated.

At 12:56 PM, Anonymous Charles said...

Tyvek is what they print the Comrades race numbers on. It's a tough waterproof 'paper' that melts when you put it through a laser printer. I tried it once and nearly had to throw away my laserjet II ! That's how long ago it was.


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