Sunday, April 02, 2006

The City

We went away. I know we are kind of away already, but you know what I mean. We needed some coffee and some shopping and we had plenty of both.

We left on Friday after work and headed into our hotel (the Radisson) to drop our bags. We then went in search of a little vibe. It was close at hand in the form of a lovely packed little irish pub. We searched around for about 10 minutes trying to find a place to sit, and eventually ended up at the bar. Wouldn't you believe it, right alongside some South Africans. We didn't chat though. They weren't even chatting to each other and looked like they wanted to gnaw on the bar. Bad week I think.

We went for some chow, and back to the hotel to charge up for a big day of shopping and posing. Okay, the posing wasn't too easy, since there isn't anywhere nice like JB's to drive around over and over. Also, we don't drive a GTI or anything.

Bright and early we went out to Atlantis, which is a lot like Seattle Coffee, just without the bookshop attatched and quite zippy. It's actually quite weird how similar it is. We debated whether they are copying each other somewhere - even the logos are a lot alike.

Charged up, we went and blew some cash, adding to our cool (which of course won't be appreciated in Yorkton - but screw them - we know we're hot). Body shop, shoes, jeans, skirts. We filled the back of our car, and slaked our buying withdrawl. It was gooooooood.

We spent pretty much all of the rest of the time just soaking up the vibe with Chris (Claire's friend from Bara - see previous post for more details). Casino, Dinner, more coffee, books. It was all just what we needed. We even gambled a little. We took them to the cleaners. Put down $20 and walked away with a solid $21,50. Oh baby. We are so hardcore it scares me.

Pooped, we fell into bed to recharge for another early day...


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