Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dead Animals

I haven't worked out where they come from, but they must be around. They sneak into your house in the dead of night, and crawl into your mouth while you're sleeping. IT'S TRUE!!! How else can you explain the taste in my mouth every morning? Coffee does the trick though. We've found a coffee that tastes pretty good. Its called mega-death-deep-roast (maybe not - but its the strongest they have). I taint mine with hazelnut coffee creamer. Flavours are pretty huge here. I think Claire has mentioned it, but the "Cappuccino" thats advertised all over is really just a flavoured hot drink, which is almost, but not entirely unlike cappuccino.

So I'm embracing and getting hazel-nutty.


At 6:04 AM, Anonymous Charles said...

Maybe all those coffes have something to do with the outbreak of dead animals!

At 8:27 AM, Anonymous Lindie said...

And your mouth feels kind of furry? I've always wondered where that came from. Interesting theory. It's getting cold here. OK, not Canada cold, but autumn seems to be creeping up on us. Winter pyjamas, even. Miss you love you, wish you'd come home...


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