Thursday, March 16, 2006

The weirdness of Canadian food

I think the combination of canadian and ukranian is the reason for all the weird food around here. Firstly I don't understand the Canadian obssession with shrimp. Where we are is about as far from the ocean as you could get, but yet there is a dedicated freezer at super store, dairy queen sells popcorn shrimp and you can get a side of shrimp kebabs with almost everything. Its really weird. I have tried it once since we've been here - was nothing special, and then I spent the whole night vomitting it up. I'm not going to try it again. I think the long commute from the sea really doesn't do sea food any good.

Other weirdness on the shelves include - huge jars of pickled sausage, perogies - which are some kind of cabbage wrapped ukranian delicacy. Cheesey everything - sausage stuffed with cheese, then fried in cheese, then had some cheese grated on top. The strangest thing to me is your choice of side dishes here. In South Africa its usually chips or salad, if you're really lucky a baked potatoe. Here the weirdos offer you all of those, about 12 differnt types of potatoe and salad plus soup or pasta. So you can have your pasta with a side of pasta. Wendys is trying to market salads at the momen, but the only one I've seen people buy is their taco salad. Basically tacos, with lots of cheese on a few shredded greens. I don't think that qualifies as a salad - what's next? A donut salad?


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