Friday, March 10, 2006


So we actually did go to the Curling. To be honest there were two motives. The first was obviously to see what this Curling stuff is all about, but the second was that we want the Lady who invited us to like us. She is important and we think its probably a good idea to get in there with her.

It was a "bonspiel", which means Tournament, apparently. The Ladies husband was the captain(or skip) of the team we were supporting and they ended up winning, but it was tight, and, dare i say it, a little exciting. Don't get me wrong, its still quite ridiculous in that people sliding 20kg granite balls along the ice. They have "sliders" on one of their shoes and move around by sliding themselves with their other foot. So they pitch off a "rock" towards the big target looking thing and then two teammates sweep in front of it. The idea with the sweeping is to make the rock slow down less and go straighter (they curl - but only a little). Its quite strategic with various restriction on the first two rocks and distances from stuff, but I won't go into that.

The point of the game is to have as many of your stones closer to the "button" (centre of the target) than any of the opponents. However many stones are closer than his closest determines your score for that "end". A lot like bowls, yes.

Just look how exciting it looks. I must admit though, I've watched chess before, so perhaps I'm not the best person to determine exciting. (In fact, I nearly didn't get a second chance with Claire because I was watching Chess the first time we met. Lucky I'm so hot).

That is all.


At 6:51 AM, Anonymous Charles said...

You make it sound quite a silly game. Actually it's what got me through the winter olympics this year. You can keep your bobsled and lying on your back on a tea tray while sliding down a mountain. (Ask Billy Connoly about that one!). The World Curling Association is based in Scotland and my web references reliably inform me that curling either originated in Scotland, or was brought there by the Flemmish. The Canadians were never mentioned ! (And it must be true because it was on the internet.) However I did hear during the olympics that Canada has 90% of the world's curlers. Fascinating stuff


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