Sunday, March 05, 2006


Today we went snowboarding. Oh my word, we actually went snowboarding. About 100km from us is a hole. Thats kind of how things work here. In Saskatchewan(where we are) and Manitoba(where we went to ski) its so flat the the only place to ski is a big hole in the ground.

So we drove out there this morning and hooked ourselves up with some smelly gear (okay, it didn't smell, but it was rented - think ice rink and bowling - yum). We got ourselves some lessons. Then we got ourselves some stiff joints.

Good lord its tough on the body. Okay, so the falling down and rolling about has something to do with that, but I thought snow was supposed to be soft. Its not always soft, and sometimes its sticky (aparently that makes better snowballs and men) and its always slippery. I made a fool of myself because I wouldn't go slow so that I wouldn't fall, and had such an awesome time doing it. Claire enjoyed it too, but she can tell you about it. She hurt her knee.

Oh, and on the way back, we found the old guy's place...


At 4:45 PM, Blogger Rich...! said...

Rats, I'm crazy jealous, that rocks. You're being nice though, post more pics of Andrew bailing...!


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