Saturday, March 04, 2006

Pictures of Stuff

First, Lets play a little game called "Spot the Tourist". One of the people in the image below is a tourist. You have three guesses.

It was shortly after the above image that we returned to our hotel room to find a lovely chilled bottle of Champagne. Thats right. Champagne. The real deal. Sister-wonderfulness had found out which hotel we were staying in and phoned across the channel to arrange it. WHAT A SURPRISE. It was another example of how small the world really is if you make an effort. Awesome. So we had some.
And smiled.

Okay, so its not chronological, but I got hold of a panorama tool, so I took some images from our Paris experience and stitched them into an impressive pic. Notice the COMPLETE lack of supporting columns (Rich, this is for you - concrete is indeed amazing). Its awesome to stand under it (thankfully this was as we arrived so we didn't hate Paris Airport just yet). Click these pictures to see much bigger ones.

And here is a nice panorama view of the inside of the much talked about louvre pyramid (the Parisians don't much like it. I think it rocks a fair amount)

That is all.


At 1:31 AM, Blogger Geoff said...

Awww - your flight stuff was well crap. Hate to suggest it, but as far as I know you can transit through the States without a Visa - they just have to escort you. Of course, I could be wrong. They've lost my bags again, so what do I know.
At any rate I am now probably at least partially co-timeous with you (no that's not a real word) since I am in sunny Austin Texas for a week.
Andrew, are you a fireman yet?


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