Saturday, February 18, 2006


It's been goodbye day. We started with a quick cup of coffee, followed by a more lengthy cry with Claire's folks. I even got a little froggy. They have been so unbelievably helpful I couldn't help getting a touch emotional. Awesome people. I have been accepted like a child of their own. Fortunately my family have accepted Claire in much the same way (I think they invite me place because they know Claire will come, actually). Breakfast was quite a questions and answers session, which we've discovered is the best thing for us because it brings us back to why we are leaving and makes the admin all seem like its worth it again. Its so easy to get bogged down with stuff that you forget that its an amazing adventure we're going on.

Fireman and Doctor. It seems to have stuck. Now i'd BETTER get that fireman job. House-Man and Doctor doesn't quite have the same humanitarian ring.

T-Minus 3 days....


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