Wednesday, February 15, 2006


The work is over. Claire did her last South African work last night at Nelspruit Medi-Clinic. She was contracted to work 5 calls for them (back when we were desparate for cash) and when the Canadian stuff all came through she tried to cancel. However, she didn't count on them having a lazy chick there who didn't want to do the calls and making such a stink. After much anguish and phoning she managed to get rid of all but the one last night. Let me just say, Nelspruit is a long commute for work. I don't recommend it. 350km each way. Phew.

Before we left yesterday, Claire got a call from Standard Bank's Fraud devision. After much stress we realised that they were just checking up on the huge amount of spending we did the day before. Boots, Thermal undies, Jackets, socks. Winter things cost more than summer things. But we are officially kitted for the arctic (or Yorkton).

More packing. More painting. Almost ready to go.


At 6:49 AM, Anonymous Jo (And's sis) said...

I hope you have some extra cash ready to pay for extra baggage at the airport!! Sounds like things are coming together...not long now.


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