Thursday, March 09, 2006

Outdoors with blades

We bought ice skates yesterday. Its part of our "embrace the cold" programme. Also, we aren't finding a lot of ways to exercise comfortably, so this is another way to get out and about and hopefully burn a few calories at the same time.

It is an absolute BLAST skating outside with noone else around. I have a tendancy towards falling on small children when I lose my balance, so having only Claire around was much better, particularly since she was staying clear of my while I tried to do those quick stops like the Hockey players do. The dorks who zip in and out of people on the rinks in SA, making them fall, also do those stops, usually to try and spray snow on the unconcious small children I leave littering the ice.

We can both skate (its a bit like riding a bicycle), but only forwards and stopping involves gripping the sides, but we will be experts soon enough. More on our progress as we improve.

We might be going to some Curling tonight. The agent who got us here is taking part in a "bonspiel". For those who don't know - here is what "How to be a Canadian" has to say about it:
Canadians invented it (maybe), developed it (certainly) and refined it (the shot clock and drunken bonspiel), and Canadians are the best in the world at it. Forget hockey. Curling is the answer. Curling is the cure. Curling is Canadian

And what is curling, exactly? It is a sport of great skill in which players compete to see who can drink the most and still stand on ice. <...> In what other sport can you drink beer and smoke while playing the game? Even bowlers have to occationally put down their glass and butt out their cigarette in order to participate. Curlers do not. In fact, curling is the only sport in the world where you can win while you are taking a leak.

Sounds fun, no? We will give you the full account over the next couple of days. Until then, enjoy your days/nights/sunshine. We are still enjoying the snow and ice and chilly toes.

That is all.


At 8:20 AM, Anonymous Allan Tinto (Tints) said...

being Scottish and somewhat misguidedly patriotic, I feel the burning desire to point out that the Canadians did NOT invent curling and if the Olympics is anything to go by they certainly have'nt refined it (men won gold although the chicks got gubbed (thoroughly beathen) and only managed the Bronze...dissappointing). Of course having said all of that, the UK (Scottish) curlers won nothing. Story of our lives. We did beat the English at Rugby 2 weeks ago so that makes up for everything.

Glad you guys are settling in and embracing the country, if not the inbreds.


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