Saturday, March 18, 2006

Slice and Dice

So I keep banging into stuff and falling down and slashing myself open. Three days ago it started with something uniquely,... well, its not South African. A Smoke Alarm. I immediately fell in hate with our one when it went off without warning (and without smoke, I might add) while we were sitting around minding our own business. They are LOUD!! And when I say loud, I mean LOUD. I thought the windows were going to explode.

So I ran upstairs, and jumped around like a moron trying to reach the stupid thing SCREAMING on the ceiling. Unsuccessful, I scambled around, fingers jammed in my ears and found a little chest of drawers. I lept up on top, and discovered that it wasn't built to hold an 85kg man. I was thrown down the nearby stairs, only narrowly avoiding death by catching the railing (honestly, it was my life's most heroic act). I wasn't lucky or quick enough to dodge the flying wood and screws and now sport a rather impressive gash in my leg and another gash (okay the second one is a scratch) on my tummy. Also I banged my heal. Owie.

Since then I have burned my hand, twice, and cut both my thumbs (on separate occations), ... okay so that's it. But thats a lot for three days.

On a lighter note, we can both now skate backwards. I can go fast (sort of) and Claire can go slowly, but baby steps. I fall, Claire doesn't. I can also stop and spray snow, but only on my left. I rule. Oh, and I won't be a fireman. They never needed one - just guys to carry stuff around for them, basically for free.

That is all.


At 10:51 AM, Anonymous Jo said...

You sound like you are better off not being a fireman given your accidents recently. Hope all fingers and toes are still there, even if they are a bit mashed up.

Put a picture online so we can see the impressiveness of your injuries. Don't you think Claire has enough to do at work then to come home and practice First Aid on you....!? ;) Get well soon.


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