Monday, March 27, 2006

Accidental Support

Well, we are mucking in. We are getting down with the locals and their activities. Even if it is by accident.

Sunday nights is when the big rink is open to the public (I know - once a week?) so we had our skates sharpened (something we didn't even know you had to do), and headed over. Last time we went, it was the two of us and three other people, so imagine our surprise when we arrived and fought to find a parking space. It was a mini ice-capades. We threw caution to the wind, paid our money and went in to find some seats. It has been said that if you are going to a capade, make it an "ice" one. Just make sure it really is a capade, and not really a childrens play on ice.

Imagine watching a child walking around waving their arms a little and falling down quite a lot. That's pretty much what it was. Yes, very cute. I mean, the 5 year old boys slid around dressed in their little matching spiderman outfits while their mummies cheered them on. The girls did a little CareBear number, and we had several movie soundtracks help along the 10-12 year old individuals.

I've also discovered that the products here can be quite rude. I mean, look at this bottle of headache tablets? I have a headache and now I need a bottle telling me this? Honestly.

That is all.


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