Saturday, March 25, 2006

Friday Night in Yorkton

So, yesterday was Friday, the beginning of the weekend - party time right? We had decided earlier in the week that we need to get ourselves involved in the activites of the town. So when a nurse at work suggested that we join her at a bar last night, we decided the time had come. The place is called "Pockets" - its a pool hall/sports bar. We were actually pleasantly suprised, we were expecting something ultra lame, but it was okay, and actually looks lke if it got packed it would manage to muster a vibe. No news cafe. Kind of like that sports bar that was in the atrium for a few months (okay - people who went to UCT might remember, but i forget the name). They even had a cocktail menu - nothing special, but all the staples, served in a normal water glass. The nurse we were meeting is a 30 something divorcee and she brought her friends - 2xmarried 40 somethings, 1x50 something mother of children older than us and 1x20 something married with kids-chubby-never been out of yorktoner. Another lady came over to say hi, I helped with the delivery of her grandchild earlier in the week - got to love a small town. Weird mix, but I think that's what happens here. You all know how Andrew can talk - so that helped, and being from deepest darkest africa and having lots of stories helped too.

So now we've gone to a canadian bar with real canadians. Tick. Jokes, it was actually a little fun - like one of those christmas cracker spinning tops. I'm glad we have eachother so it doesn't matter so much if the people we have to socialise with are actual grandmothers.


At 9:18 AM, Blogger Jackie said...

Contrast your socialising with ours.... It is Ann's birthday on Friday - so, in anticipation, we all went out for brunch this morning. (Ann, John, Mrs T, James and his girlfriend, Aimee, Ruth, Alex from Australia, Brian Gadsby, Herb, Steph and I.) We sat in the sun (even though the breeze was a bit chilly), ate bacon and eggs as well as pap and chakalaka (try that on your Canadian chommies), and discussed the garbage that families usually discuss when they get together. Sorry for you that you missed out!!!

At 8:16 AM, Anonymous Jo said...

Well, it sounds like there is at least some vibe, and you can improve your pool too when things get back. Wait til you get to the big city and can have a drink with real Canadians there too - it'll be so different and yet I bet you'll look back at Yorkton Pockets with a warm glow (or is that just the Martini and Whisky chaser warming your heart...?)

At 8:18 AM, Anonymous Jo said...

Per my post above - when things get bad, you can improve your pool!


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