Wednesday, April 05, 2006

We've moved

Well, we moved back into the little house in the prairie last night. I guess everything is in the prairie out here, but this is more out of town. Its about 3 minutes out of town, but, as with all the little places out here, things get "rural" very quickly. Its nice. We're living above a garage, and its small, but the property is huge, and there are horses and fields and ... you know, farmy stuff. And we are about the same distance from work. (Man, I really must finish my tour of yorkton for you guys. I've doctored a map to have locations and everything. Just keep not getting around to putting it up. Today. I promise).

And since we've now left, I will now show you what the main living area of the LAST place was like. HAHAHAHA. Shut up. I am not a slacker!

I will make a panorama of the new place very soon. And put pictures of the horses. They are not huge or made out of cement.

That is all


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