Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Snow and Summary

It's STILL snowing. I say still because when I first started posting here, it was snowing. It was also snowing when I accidentally lost the post. It continued to snow while I lost the post the second time and finally, its snowing now. I know you thought it was melting and getting warm. So did we. Nice though. Clean, white, beautiful. Yorkton is collectively grumpy about it though. I don't think I could ever get fed up with something this pretty. The horses are.

So Calgary. Let's sum up:

Drove to Regina. Dinner at Mojo. Best steak of my life. Drove on to Moose Jaw.
Waffles and oatmeal. Drove to Calgary, booked into the Hyatt. Lunch at Irish pub (we think Canadians think all pubs must be irish). Site seeing and coffee x lots. Drinks at funky club. Felt at home again with glass and steel towering overhead.
Some shopping and a haircut for Claire (as if we would let a bumpkin anywhere near her hair. City folk only. She would get a mullet, or as we now call them, a Canadian). More site-seeing, movie, dinner at "The Keg" near the 24 hour liquor store. Claire even ventured a steak.
Drove to Banff. Deep in Rockies. Looks like swiss town - lovely. Lots of damn tourists. Hate them. Oh wait ;-)...
Got bullied into taking the buffet instead of the eggs. Had eggs anyway. Showed that waitress! Also spilled my smoothie. Drove to Yorkton.

An awesome weekend. We got our fill of real coffee and shopping and high-rises. We even gymed a little. I'll be back a little later with some pics. I just can't risk losing this gem again.

That is all. (or is it...)


At 1:09 PM, Anonymous Matt K said...

Yo! Melt! Make another snowman - this time make it a woman, and get exaggerratedddd with the porportions!!

Sounds like things are lookin' up for ya - really glad you got into Animation Mentor - that's mental! If your name had been Ray...

How goes the work Claire? Besides the "shooters" have ya had any other fun at work? Really glad you didn't go for a "Canadian" with the hair - that woulda just been too much!

Keep smilin' and keep taking those great pics!


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