Monday, April 10, 2006

Weekend in Kamsack

Well, its a little out of order, actually, since I actually only got the news of Animation mentor once we got back, but I'm sure you'll all forgive me. Eventually.

So, Kamsack. Where to start. Well, luckily for my writer's block, there aren't many options. Kamsack is little. The highlights are: John Deer showroom (mandatory for this part of the world), Co-Op Petrol station and convenience store, Second hand shop, taco shop, hospital and finally, the chinese food place. Oh wait. There is also a little ice-cream stall that does a ROARING trade. I know?! WTF Mate!?

Okay, so its warming up, but its not ice-cream hot yet. What's even more odd is that we saw an ice-cream shop with queues of 20 or more in Regina last weekend. I have a sneaky suspicion they sell something else. Next time I see one, I'm going to go over and ask for a "cronic" strawberry ripple, or a caramel coke whirl. We'll see what I get.

Speaking of druggies, Claire says she has never come across quite so many in one place. She will have to give details, but the memorable bits were the fact that one in two patients she saw this weekend was there asking for drugs for nonsense and they were making stuff up to "shoot". Like "I have a backache, please give me morphine", or "yeah, I shot all my kid's ritalin so I ground up some tylenol in boiling water and shot that". The town is pretty depressing, sure, but that's ridiculous. I should go there and try and cultivate the creativity of some of these people. Untapped resource. I'll have a feature length animated film in under a year. Okay, what am I talking about?!

For lunch yesterday, we decided a little excitement was called for, so we went to "Wong's". After a little language struggle, we ordered our chop suey and chow mein and waited. After a little wait, the little chinese lady came through with a packing crate. That's right - A PACKING CRATE. Photo attatched for clarification :

When we were presented with it, to add to the confusion, she said: "We don't need that anymore!". Okay - we'll take it off your hands. I think she must have been shooting sweet and sour sauce.

We took some pics to give an idea of the "scenery" we went through. Typical of the area.

We also passed through a town full of tight wallets.

That is all.


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