Friday, April 07, 2006

Clearing it all up

Well, it seems I've been misleading (maybe not). That house isn't ACTUALLY built out of cardboard. I know I'm potentially insulting your intelligence, but its made out of a fibreboard type thing that all the houses here are made from. Some have "brick-look" fascades (which I think is crummy looking) but its all this stuff. Its to do with insulation, apparently, but it looks rediculous while they are in the middle of building. Things tend to be in a state of half-done-ness over winter. Noone is very keen to get out and do stuff. So there are a few houses with big words all over them at the moment. I can only imagine spring is going to be a complete explosion of activity (although looking at the size of a lot of these people, that's either not the case, or they are like anti-bears. Store up blubber for the summer, then burn it all off).

So I was up mighty early yesterday to go get Claire out in Melville. What a beautiful time of day. Dawn. All the Dawns I've seen are beautiful (go back to the night out with our friends to see how beautiful that Dawn is). Look at this one:
Sorry for the distortion, but its almost 270 degrees of image.

We're off to a place called Kamsack. You can see that it's not too far away. Somewhere around an hour away. It's near Duck Mountain (it better either look like a duck or be COMPLETELY covered in ducks, or else...) so we might see some sights. It's sunny and warm (+4) most of the time now, so there won't be any skiing. Bummer.

I might take up Lacrosse.

That is all.


At 4:54 PM, Anonymous Al and Jo said...

lovin your comments Andrew, makingme and your sis laugh big time!!!!!!
Hope you post a photo of Duck Mountain, dying to see which it is, a big duck, looking mountainous, or simply a thousand ducks stapled to a mountain. Cant wait.
Glad you got the whole "cardboard" house thing sorted, was grating my architectural "nip naps" somewhat... ta ta for now.


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