Monday, May 08, 2006


So, whats up with the van der Rawson Team? This and that. You know? (Reader: Man, get Claire to the keyboard, like, NOW!)

No, really, we had a very pleasant weekend, with a thing or two worth noting. We did some more "Blading", as we've come to call it. Take a look. How hot are we?! Take note, the "from behind" shots of Claire are "chase cam".

The knee and elbow pads are SO not necessary. Ignore the fact that i have already rolled in the grass once, and wobbled LOADS! The most wobblying happened when we (foolishly) decided to go out for a quick "Blade" (see, told you we used it) and found that when the temp dips to 3 degrees, its not good to move fast through it.

As you can see, the weather has warmed up a lot in general. The "in general" is the important part of that last sentence. It still dips WAAAY down on the odd day. The horses don't seem to mind though. Just look at those happy faces:

One more picturesque shot for good measure. You folks seem to like that:

We have been gyming like MAD people. As we were climbing into our Chevy on the way to one of these sessions, I noticed the back door "squeaked". So I swung it a little, and it squeaked again. Suddenly Claire squealed like a girl (thank goodness she IS a girl) and jumped out of the car. "There's an animal in there!", she said. She was wrong. Well, sort of. There was actually some "wildlife" in the wheel. Apparently chipmunks are Chevy fans too.
A little poke in the bum (with Claire securely locked inside in case this brut ripped off a limb or something) and he scuttled down a hole under the barn.

However, the highlight of our weekend was definately chatting with our "peeps" in Joburg. We were lucky enough to catch Dawn, Nick, Tyrone and Paulette all in the same place. We are simultaneously sad and happy. It was wonderful to hear their voices and catch up on their news, but it made us miss home terribly. With that:

That is all.


At 10:47 AM, Anonymous Jaques said...

Vous devez faire attention quand vous "lame" comme vous pouvez très sérieusement se blesser sans essayer trop dur. Aura plaisir à essayer de continuer de lire vos aventures quoiqu'être anglais !

J'espère que vous n'avez pas blessé le pauvre furet comme ceci peut mener aux implications sérieuses de loi ici au Canada.

Jusqu'à ce que je lise encore et réponde.

At 2:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know what would be useful Melt? If you could put up a little java clock telling your readers what time it is in your town... and maybe a rollerblading webcam (on your conspicuosly absent helmet)? but for now just the clock would be fine.


At 11:04 AM, Anonymous salsal said...

that story makes me laugh! we used to chuck bits of dry grass on cla pretending it was a locust and she would squauk and squeal so much while springing up onto her chair! ah it was so funny...used to can ourselves


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