Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hello from Claire

Hello world:) I apologise for my lack of writing recently, but I have been unbelievably busy. The new office I started working in a few weeks ago is crazy busy, I'm seeing close on 40 patients every day as well as 15 or so in the hospital. And because this town is so small they treat all doctors like they are on permanent call, so I assisit in theatre at next to no notice and am constantly answering my pager, plus 24 hour calls somewhere in there. Its taken a while to adjust to the new pace and with trying to study for exams on top of everything I've had a few weepy moments. But its under control.

Otherwise life is fairly good. I have 4 nurses helping me in the office, all very friendly, I really like them and wish I didn't have to move on. Spring is here, and it is beautiful - it really is. The sun is up at 5 and down at 8, the grass is green the birds are out, the trees are budding. Its a proper spring. We are enjoying some aspects of our small town, farm life, like going for a run around the lake after work and stopping on the way back to pat the donkey.

Just paged - someone with chest pain, back in a bit.

I'm back, patient alive. Okay I must sleep while I can.

P.S Canadians are weird they say please and thank you at the same time, i.e - can you drop this at the lab please thank you. Also they don't know how to say look at it - they just say lookit. And a lot: lookit the sky, lookit over there etc, adults not kids. And someone said to me the other day that working with me had been a slice. I just mumbled something back - a slice of what?


At 3:36 AM, Blogger Geoff said...

Please can you put up a picture of the donkey. Also, can we name the donkey Connor?


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