Monday, May 15, 2006

Filling in the Blanks

Well, I've been fairly good with blogging, and you are all pretty much caught up on the news and what-not. However, I keep forgetting the little things I want to tell everyone. You know, the stupid little "we had some old lady in the shops tell us about her grand children, for no reason" and "everyone says 'Have a good/great morning/day/evening' every time you finish talking to them" things.

That last one is particularly bad. People get offended if you don't add your "you too". Like they feel you might be thinking "I hope your day is sucky - but REALLY sucky" if you don't. Odd. One lady told her child to tell the doctor to have a good day when Claire finished treating him. Indoctrinated. If only they did something useful with the brainwashing like telling the kids: "Gravy soaked 'fries' are not a good idea" or "Cheese does not need to be dipped in cheese".

Oh - tragedy stuck. They ran out of triple caffinated death roast coffee (they call it black bear) and I was forced to have regular blend. That's not the bad part. I took a sip and before I knew what was happening, my brain registered enjoyment. The decline has begun. Pretty soon I'll just be spooning mud into a cup of hot water.

Did we mention that Canadians are weird?

I like the way the planes always cut lines in the sky. Yes, you've all seen it, but these ones last for hours, literally. Check this one out (and the cool coulds too - Saskatchewan=Land of the living skies).


At 10:24 PM, Blogger emma said...

Australians must be weird too I guess (well...). We also have those parking spots, but they're just for 'parents with prams'. We should lobby to have that changed to include pregnant women.


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