Tuesday, May 23, 2006

High in the sky

And also the mountains. Okay, so the mountains aren't that high, but they are very ducky. Full of the damn things. It was a bit like when you first start out on a game drive and just as you enter the gates you see a buck. You stop, and everyone clambers all over each other to see and you take a MILLION photos (on film, not even digital), and you feel like you really had an awesome amount of luck. Twenty minutes , and a two hundred thousand boring buck later and everyone is saying "if I ever see another buck in my life, it will be too soon". It was like that. Only ducks, not bucks. I guess it explains why its called "Duck Mountain".

But it was a pretty place. There was something written somewhere on a plaque or whatever, saying that its the southern most boreal forest in Saskatchewan and is much more like northern Saskatchewan than the south-central region where we actually are. Interesting hey? No! But again, it was pretty.

Real live beaver dam.

And there were some mozzies - LIKE MILLIONS!!!

Oh, and if anyone happens to know whats in a "brown-eyed susan" doughnut, let me know. I just couldnt. Was curious, but scared.

I know its kind of going back in time, but on Sunday (Duck mountain was Monday) we went flying. Baasie phoned me, and in his true talkative style, said:"Wanna go flying?".

So we did. And it was rad.
We flew in this:

Looked like this:
saw this (great spirit lake):

... and our place (next to the white building on the left. Thats the "city centre" at the top of the pic):

... and the Hospital. Across the road is the office Claire was in for the first two months or so.

It was great.

Back a little further in time, on Saturday, we found ourselves on the backs of some horses. Thats right, a real ranch weekend. Okay, just the horses bit. But the one horse got kinda weird and scared and stuff, so we came back. Riding inside a fence is one thing, but riding out in the open fields on a skittish, nervous horse is a whole other. It was still cool. I said "Whoa boy" a lot.

Oh - last thing. Congrats to us. 4 years now. We had a lovely day with picnics and Moet and flowers and presents and ... and love. Lots and lots. More today than ever. I'm a soppy kind of a guy (as you all know), and am getting soppier as times goes on. I blame (and thank) my Oupa. My gran I thank (blame, really) for the balding gene. Lets look at more photos.

That is all.


At 10:59 AM, Blogger Winston said...

Hi :) Just dropping by to say hello (or rather hopping by). I am doing blog-hopping, randomly picking some blogs to read using the Blogger toolbar. Nice photos you have there!

At 1:45 AM, Anonymous Tim said...

Nice new look on the blog... any thoughts of starting a comic? You guys write really well and its become apparent that you can draw too Melt.

At 9:16 AM, Anonymous Matt K said...

Hiya guys!

Looks like you've been busy having a good time! Sorry I haven't been around lately - work has been busy and with 2 weeks to go to the new addition, been getting stuff ready.

Glad to see lotsa nice pics, and really like the new look of the blog, and I agree with Tim - you guys do write well! It's always fun to read your new posts.

Claire, I know how you feel - my Gran's brother recently lost his wife of 63 years, and he's also kinda lost. He still mentions her in every sentence, and I think he can't really beleive she's gone. After speaking to him, I can believe that after everything, the important things are the one's who are close to you!

There's my bit of wisdom for today!

Duck! (No it's a seagull).

Keep well and stay happy!

At 1:45 AM, Blogger Geoff said...

Digging the new layout.

At 11:09 AM, Anonymous Allan (call me Tints) Tinto said...

Jo is out so you will have to put me right on this...

You got the soppy from your Oupa and the baldyness from your gran?!?!?!?

That can't be right. Met your gran a hundred times and never thought for a second she was a slaphead, not like me anyway.

lovin the pics and the new set up by the way, you two look very happy and chilled, don't know how you do it claire, Andrew must be taking very good care of you in between loafing around!!!!!


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