Wednesday, June 07, 2006


So, we are sitting in a little cafe on the main street of Jasper. We thought we couldn't leave you all hanging for too long without updating you, particularly since there is a fair amount to tell.

We left Yorkton on Saturday and drove through to Edmonton (+/-800km), which we loved. Biggest mall in the world, whats not to love. Okay, so it wasn't all THAT special, but when we are able to upload pictures of the indoor waterpark and the full size ship and the roller coasters, we will tell all.

We stayed in a tacky hotel INSIDE the mall, and then drove on here to Jasper, deep in the Rockies. Oh my word how beautiful. Again, pictures will follow. We saw our first Raindeer (caribou), and sampled the local beer while supporting the oilers in the first of the NHL finals. Go Oilers Go!

After this we are off to Kamloops for one night and will be in Vancouver by Tomorrow evening. We are having a GREAT time and walking/biking/eating/drinking and being merry.

That is all.


At 9:12 AM, Anonymous Matt K said...

Hiya Guys!

Just thought I'd let you know - we had a baby girl! Niamh (pronounced Neev) Rachel was born on Thursday morning - very well and happy!

Check out some pics here:

Glad to hear you guys are getting about, and I dig the Oilers!

Speak to ya soon,


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