Friday, May 26, 2006


Hello all, from a wet, wet yes wet Yorkton. It has been raining for about 24 hours, is grey, cold and miserable, I feel like I'm in Cape Town again.

We are in the process of deciding what to do once I'm done here in August and there are so many options. We know Yorkton is not where we want to be but there is plenty of work here and it could be a lot worse. Most of the other doctors here don't move even though they can because hey make SO much money here. Its very disturbing to see, mostly because for a split second every so often I agree with them. People get trapped by greed and their lives turn into a never ending quest to make more money. They work way to hard, become boring, unhappy wealthy people. Okay, maybe the unhappy is a little unfair - enough money can buy a certain amount of happiness, nice car, nice house, airplane, golf clubs, horses, big TV etc. But none of them have friends, they're not even friends with eachother, nobody does anything together, nobody cares. I want to leave before I become infected with the bug of materialism. We watch ourselves closely, I am making more money than we need, I could make much more if I wanted to kill myself working, but I don't. I just want enough for what we need, a little extra for ice cream and then I just want a friend. Even one.


At 2:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, Just to let you know we regularly check to see how you guys are doing. All is well here, the baby is growing nicely, though not quick enough for me, I want a tummy. Give each other a hug from us.

Love, James, Nicole and Eggie

At 9:28 AM, Blogger Jackie said...

Hi there the two of you.
If you are looking for something to spend your money on, Steph will be in Hawaii from about 14 July to 14 August, studying ... you'd never guess ... volcanoes!!!! Why not go and visit her there?

At 7:59 AM, Blogger Ruth Topp said...

Hey guys

I know I have been a most TERRIBLE cousin and have been slack with keeping in touch! Sorry!!! Thought about you guys over the weekend... The family got together for dinner to celebrate Herb's birthday and you guys were definitely missed!

Hope that the weird Canadians are looking after you... I've been loving all your posts! Especially Bob le ponge!

Chat soon...


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