Sunday, July 23, 2006

Small Town Doctor

Oh the joys of working in a small town! Well, to start there aren't so many doctors around, and now with it being summer, most of them are away - so now it feels like its just me. We have a teeny hospital, 40 odd beds, 20 of which are filled by patients I'm looking after and instead of the usual 3 24 hour calls a month I'm doing 2 a week. Anyway, I'm okay with that, its the other intrusions that I'm sick of. On thursday we decided to watch Superman at our one screen, one show a week, kind of crap cinema. Quite an excursion considering how little there is to do here. So half an hour in, beeeeeeeeeeep, beeeeeeeeeeeep. So I phone, can I come assist in a C section? I said no, I'm watching superman, to which I got cackles of laughter and then an order to come, apparently I am the only Dr left in town who can help. So I went and joined the nurses that had been pulled from a farewell party and the gynae who had been called off his tractor. On my wayout of the hospital I bumped into another patient having a smoke and had to stop and hear her most recent complaints. Eventually I got back to the movie, even though I was gone over an hour I don't think I missed much.

Anyway, am on the tail end of yet another call, nurses have just phoned to say they need me. Another 96 year old with chest pain I'm guessing.


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