Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Watch the lights...

We mucked in. It's about the only thing to do, so we try. This time it was "Thunder Days" or "Roaring weekend" or "hicks in the sun" or something. I can't remember. It was Drag Racing. It's been building for weeks, with flags, billboards, signs and radio ads getting everybody worked up. We even had a "Let's all drive up and down the main street for no reason" thing on Friday evening. Okay, so Friday's thing was pretty nice, and included a lot of really nice classic cars. But pretend I thought it was dumb as hell. It's funnier that way :).

So, the mucking in. We decided that going to the airport at 9, when the gates opened, was a little early. Especially considering the racing only started at 12. As you can see, we were the only people in town that thought that way:

Thats only about a quarter of the track, too. It was the most packed thing we've seen since we went strawberry picking. Oh, didn't tell you about that yet, did we? Later, maybe.

We definately stood out from the crowd, firstly by looking hot, as we do, and also because we were the only people not riding the bus. We thought 500 metres was a completely walk-able distance. Then again, we do try to keep fit, and like a challenge.

It was BLAZING hot. Somewhere in the region of 35 degrees, in the shade, and there - was - no - shade! Okay, so there was some, but it was far from the track. Luckily for us, the fair-skinned half of our little partnership was also less interested in the noisy fast goodies. She was also getting irritated with the "spits".

Now this is a phenomenon I first noticed when I went "to the ball game". I noticed a LOT of sunflower seed shells. I'm talking 4 cm deep layer in front of the "bleachers". It wasn't until I watched a father and son demolish an industrial sack full of seeds did I realise they weren't laid for some secret baseball reason. They'd just been spat out and never cleaned up. Sometime after this, Claire learned that they actually call them "spits". Gross people.

It took this lovely lady about 4 minutes to get her pile this big.

This charming young girl was even making "phtooo" sounds.

Haha - I knew I had a photo of her, but I just discovered that I CAUGHT HER IN THE ACT! Look at that shell flying gracefully grass-wards.

Oh, and there were cars.

And bikes

And Smoking tires

And even a snow-mobile.
Bloody Canadians!

Not a bad time, but surprisingly dull for something so noisy. I think someone has to crash in a spectacular ball of fire for it to really be drag racing, though.

I saw my dream car on the way out. I drooled a little.

Thanks for all the comments, by the way. I need to motivation to keep going. Really can feel like I'm talking to the wall sometimes, and we all know that walls are not the best listeners. You guys rock :).

That is all.


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I'm loving reading this! Keep posting.


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