Sunday, July 23, 2006

A few emergencies I got to see on my last call

Claire : Hi, I'm Dr Rawson, what can I do for you today?
Girl : I've been here thousands of times, I just need something for pain
C : For what? Where's the pain
G : I had my tooth pulled a few days ago, but its still sore
examined, etc - just a red gum
C : Have you taken anything? Ibprofen?
G : No. Give me something for pain
C : Okay. I'll give you a shot of an anti-inflamatory but go to the chemist and buy some Ibprofen.

4 hours later
Girl : I'm back, my tooth is still sore
Claire : Did you buy any Ibprofen?
G: No, I need a subscription for it
C : No you don't, its an over the counter drug, you can even buy it in supermarkets
G : But you said I need to take 600mg and the ones you buy without subscription are 200mg
C : (stop saying subscription!! prescrition, prescription) deep breath........ Yes, but 200 times 3 is 600 isn't it?
G : No, give me a subscription!!! I NEED A SUBSCRIPTION!!!

So, to get rid of her I wrote a prescription for ibprofen.

10 minutes later she comes storming in waving her prescription - " If this doesn't work I'll sue!!"

Later a 16 year old, worried for a year about a lump in his throat. It was his adams apple.

A middle aged man who waited 2 hours to see me because he'd knelt on a pine needle.

A middle aged woman who had had one sip of rum after taking her pills and thought she was going to die.

And best of all a phone call from an old dear wanting to know what to do about the dust on her husband's oxygen tubing.

Ahhhh, the drama of the ER.


At 5:57 AM, Anonymous Lindie said...

Such patience. I think you are a Saint. I would have come up with some witty, rude quip like the ones in those jokes about snappy answers to stupid questions. Well done, you deserve your title! Lots and lots of love and missing.

At 9:02 AM, Blogger Gareth said...

HAHAHA... Oh, joy... Do they teach you patience in med-school? It should be a prerequisite course all on its own.


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