Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Since the move

So, we've been busy bees. I would love to have kept you more up to date, but this uploading photos problem is keeping me from forging on. Well, as you can see, it WAS, really. I'm going to just carry on. Images or not.

So, where did we leave off...

So, we headed up to Saskatoon for Claire's exam. We were tailing Chris, and I got the distinct impression we were slowing him down, even though the dealership gave us a BMW 325i to zoot around in while they sorted out the bits and pieces they had neglected when they delivered the car.
AAAAanyway, we stopped in this little nothingness of a town (because we all needed to waz), and Chris got totally freaked. He said it reminded him of the setting for a horror film where there is nothing for miles, and zombies come out of the petrol pumps and kill people. I told him that Canada was metric and they had no miles, only Kms, and he felt better.

We stayed in the Hilton, and had coffee, but nothing much happened. Exam, packed up, headed for Cypress Hills. Its supposed to be some geological anomaly, blah blah blah. Nature, animals, not home. Thats all. It too wasn't terribly special. It's like cabin-central though. Everyone and their dog has a cabin. Big, small, cheap, crazy expensive. Check it out

Then it was on to IKEA land. Well, Calgary. But we were MOST interested in IKEA since they offered us the chance to cheaply furnish our new spot. Apart from IKEA, we went to a latin restaurant (although i suspect it was latin-american), and a place called "the garlic clove". We came out stinking to high heaven, and loved every smelly bite. There were honestly 40 individual roasted garlic cloves on top of my bree starter and Claire's mussels were dripping with garlic bits. The car stunk for two days afterwards. Best meal we've had since we got here, I think. Steak plus garlic!? Can you beat it? (hint: the answer begins with "N")

Oh, I forgot. When we were at Cypress hills, we 'popped' (hour drive) down to see the largest Tyrannosaurus skull EVER found. Well, maybe in saskatchewan. But come on! How often do you get to stand next to something that's 65,000,000 years old (give or take - i dont think the thing ACTUALLY died in September 64997994 bc). And it was standing next to us too. It was JUST as lucky. We had the world's fastest tour (of the one roomed museum) because we got there 30 minutes before it closed. Was worth every Montana-radio-station-filled minute of the drive. We were both dino-dorks when we were kids, so almost indulged ourselves in the gift shop (I mean, they have this thing where a mini skeleton is 'buried' in clay and it comes with scrapers and brushes and stuff to dig it out. Like a REAL paleontologist. Only smaller.). We did feel kind of sorry for the dino-dorks that work there now. It's going to take them another 15 years to finish uncovering the bones. And they've been at it for .... Oh my word, this story is getting BOOORRRINNNGGG!

So we drove home and that was that. Nice little break, really. First in a while.

That is all


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