Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hello from claire, with the cutest car ever!

So I've been useless, I know. Exams, moving, harvest mayhem - who has time to write?? So in 24 hours its good bye to Yorkton. Its weird how feelings work, this is not the kind of place I would imagine anyone could get nostalgic about, and don't get me wrong - I'm not. BUT, the little donkey outside will be missed, the hay bales in the garage, on the way to the shower will leave a gap. The most insane sunsets in the world, do have something special about them. The way we know our bank manager, and post office lady and all the nurses and the guy who walks aimlessly around etc, etc. Small town stuff. Not the kind of thing I ever thought I'd miss. Oh and the afrikaans lady who works at the video store, who is married to a canadian farmer who has a lisp.

So, I am very excited about moving to the big lights of MooseJOW(thats how you say it if you want to be understood) It brings better work, actual friends proximity to an airport and a starbucks. Joy.

Okay, time to cook.


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