Wednesday, August 30, 2006

News and stuff

Well, we are very much under way. Well, not UNDER WAY, as such. I'm sitting on my ass, blogging, so how busy can I be, right? Well, things are moving. Well, not MOVING, as such, but WILL be. Friday actually. Since you might be reading this at any stage, it's Wednesday afternoon now (Wednesday evening in SA, and probably Thursday already somewhere. Actually, let me go see where...Oh wait - its ABOUT to be Thursday in SA. Hectic. Back to the news.) and we are moving on Friday. Picking up everything (all three items - one box and two suitcases. And some blades. For blading. Sweet) and packing them in ... OUR NEW CAR!!!!! YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!

Why so excited. Well, seeing as everyone has monitors bigger than 5 inches, you've no doubt seen the pictures already. Cheat. I cover up EVERYTHING below where I'm reading in case I accidentally see the end of a story. You should all do the same. Shame on you. So here it is.

Now, let me guess something here. Anyone who was made to feel ashamed by my SEVERE tongue lashing above (you deserved it) feels happy again, right? It's the affect V has on you. She is just so pretty and happy. V is the blue one. Claire is the red one. V for Vai (let me know if I've spelt this wrong, all you afrikaaners - She is SERIOUSLY quick. I've spread rumors that she has 175kw, but its only a rubbish 150kw. Dealers and poor research are to blame, but thats another story. A long boring one. I'll tell you later. I was kidding about it being rubbish). V for Via, as in Viagra, since she gives you... the impression she is the same colour as the little blue pills :). WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!? (If you feel bad, look at her again. The red one too)

So... I lost my train. OH right. Packing our stuff in V and booking out to Moose Jaw. We found a little flat after much hunting (which is hard from 250km away, but not impossible) and it's on a month to month agreement, so if it sucks, we can leave. Flexibility is key right now. We like some flexibility. That's why Claire loves me. Because I buy her those red sweetie things that look like licorice but are red and flexible and pull apart.

And because I make her try weird things like canned wine. Say it with me "What the hell!?" (okay, so you had to read ahead to know what to say with me, but lets try it again. Ready? One. Two. Three. "CANNED WINE!?" haha - tricked you. Sucka. Look at V again.) I'm not kidding about the wine. Look.

So that wine was actually a little while ago. Around the time of the rodeo, and the crazy insane hailstorm of death. But it was before harvest.

Harvest is like mad scramble time. Seriously. It's cooling down, and people are worried. Next thing, snow. Claire had her quietest days of the year while everyone was driving their swathers and combines up and down, providing. Bob would be proud. Socialism is alive and well in Canada (and it works - car insurance system for example - CLEVER!).

That is all.


At 6:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm not sure, but you sounded (just a little bit) like you had been drinking some of the canned wine for this particular post.

Love the car, very jealous. Though I would prefer an old convertible one.

Hope you and Claire are well and happy. We are. Eggie is growing nicely and will be making an appearance in 12 weeks (scary stuff).

Are you starting summer or leaving summer, or not experiencing it at all (I'm not doff I know about the hemispheres, It just seemed like yesterday that you were knee deep in snow and it hasn't been that long in short sleeves).

Enjoy your day/night.

James, Nicole, Eggie and Fudge


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