Thursday, September 14, 2006

Moose Jaw

Well, we are here, and settling. "Ing" and not "ed" because we have no stuff. We have a borrowed bed, included washer/dryer and fridge, and a couch (our very own).

Okay, let me back up a little and give a run-down of the past few days (weeks).

So we left Yorkton. No fan-fair. No crying fans. Not even a phone-call. Nothing. Claire made the effort to get flowers for the emergency room nurses who she's spent the past six months with. They in return ate a donut. Well, that's what I think they did. Anyone having trouble working out why we aren't sad to leave? I thought not.

Seldom has there been a place I've lived and left and KNOWN, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that I would never be back. It really hasn't been a bad time (as you know), but its been in spite of the place. It's like Yorkton is where boredom goes to die, and then doesn't. Crops, snow, donkeys. All interesting. Put them in Yorkton, and they become Main attractions.

Like this:

So we tested the load-space of the little blue bug of cuteness to the max. Thank all things thankable that we dumped a bunch of our stuff with Chris in Moose Jaw the week before, because it was a tight fit. See?

Actually, it was a "didn't fit". We left our toaster oven behind (no, not a toaster - a toaster oven. Never saw one in SA. Its the appliance that has prompted tacos to include warnings of fire and doom. Okay, just fire). We didn't even stop for coffee (we took to buying our 'coffee' at 7-eleven. Its actually hot chocolate and vanilla flavoured hot-water). If someone had warned us not to look back for fear of turning to salt, we would have been safe as houses. Man, I'm really giving it to Yorkton, hey? Anyone whose been there BETTER comment. Back me up.

But you know how they say "the grass is always greener", well sometimes it just is. Moose Jaw is cuter and bigger at the same time. It has a hill. Just one, but its there. It has Al Capone's car(thats a story for later. Watch this space). It has cappuccino. It also has sunsets to die for.

Okay, so does Yorkton.

It also has meter-maids. Well, men ones. We got a ticket for "expired meter" on our first day, so we've been to city hall already. We've also been given a tour of the town by Claire's new employer, and Claire has been sent "welcome to our city"-flowers by the surgeon.

Our apartment is massive. Okay, its big. Okay, its small, but its 50 times bigger than our last little place. Okay, its about 4 times bigger. But it has a kitchen, and two bedrooms, and bathroom, and a laundry, and a storage-room-strange-thing, and a lounge/dining room. Our last place had a room with a bed, couch, sink, stove, toilet, bath. I mean, we have a passage!

and some other stuff:

It's a bit like a pop-up book, except its a chair. And a box.

She is.

EDIT: It seems to be sorted out. Phew. I know noone was keen on having to navigate over to flickr.

Right, now i'm getting annoyed with Blogger. I've had this post open for like 3 days trying to upload the photos. So I'm going to just sign off and come back to insert them later. At least now everyone can have a quite read. See you soon.

Oh, and everyone who commented gets a snail mail. Just pop me your addresses, so I know where to send. Geoff wins for the funniest post, Gareth for getting Canary Seed, and Emma can have a for wheat, oats and sunflowers. :). I'm sure Gareth won't mind if I give them to her, eh man?
That is all (except it isnt - flippen Blogger)


At 9:31 AM, Blogger Jodi said...

Sorry Yorkton hasn't been so kind to you two. I can see it, though. I had friends move there and it took a couple years for them to feel like part of the community.


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