Tuesday, September 26, 2006


In the spirit of furthering our North American experience, we went along and joined "The Y". Why? No. Y! As in YMCA. I didn't get a leather hat, or construction hat, but we did get access to the gym and Courts. The gym is ... well, its okay. Gyms here (okay, in rural Canada as far as we know) aren't very snazzy as a rule. There are nice pieces of equipment (like treadmills and stationary bikes with their own cable TV's built right in) but overall there is a certain lameness. It seems to be an extension of the whole "Eat until you need your knees replaced" attitude. Somehow you would think that more food = more ways of burning it off, but alas. That is NOT the case.

We also ventured down into the courts. We have every intention of staying fit and slim (which is what we are now) during the winter months, and indoor sport seem to be necessary for that. We could do what everyone else does and claim it's the puffy clothes, but we are going to be back in the south of the globe right in the middle, so that just won't fly. We rented out raquets and goggles (PLEASE! as if we would would WEAR goggles) and went in.

It was like we were playing squash, but had shrunk to half our size. The ball is bigger. The rackets are bigger, and the court is bigger. We also discovered why the lame folks wear goggles (not that it made us want to. An eye is a small price to pay for not looking like a TURBO dork). The ball moves like a little blue missile. We have gotten not-rubbish at it now though, having worked out a few bits and pieces. To help you out when you try it, not getting hit helps a LOT.

Oh, and be sure to get the rhythm of the word right when saying it, otherwise noone will know what you are talking aboot. Fast, then slow. Ready? rakt-baaaaaaal. Got it?

Oh, and we did find a town called "Andrew". I thought I'd put a photo up, but now I can't find it.

That is all.


At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Dad said...

Have you found a town called Claire yet ?


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