Thursday, February 15, 2007

Claire's Job, in pictures


At 5:24 AM, Anonymous Matt k - Jean Paul Sarte's lapdog said...

Happy Birthday Claire!
Sorry it's late, but hope you had a great day.

Been having work and family stress so I haven't managed to get a dose of Snowblindness lately.

Looking at the comic strip, I wonder how you manage, Claire.
"I think I would have started injecting various chemicals in them just to see what happens..." (Did I just say that? God, I'm writing out loud again!)

It's looking pretty fresh in the North - had any really cold ones yet? We had a few days here where it dropped to 19 degrees. Brrr. ;)

Glad to see that you're playing some exciting and dangerous sports Melt! Mind you don't twist your ankle next time! HA! But seriously,
I do believe there's some intense strategy involved...

Please forgive my current sarcastic mood - having a bit of difficulty with humanity at present, but I'll get over it.

Thanks for the pics - really like the ones of the skies and sunsets. Awesome stuff! How are you enjoying the camera? Gonna get myself a Sony Alpha soon and dive a bit deeper into the photography thing.

Then I'll send you guys lots of pics. Probably of my kids.

You have been warned!

Stay well, stay happy and keep up the pics and words!


At 6:24 AM, Blogger Geoff said...

Hahahahahaha - I think the comic has a future.


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