Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Photo of the day

This is my new plan. I have been slacking again lately, so thought it would be a way to get me on here. Well, I haven't strictly been slacking, since that implies lying on the couch with a beer and a remote. I have in fact been heavily embroiled in a game of poker. With myself. Sort of. Well, look, it's my current 5 week assignment, and it's going well so far. Going well can be interpreted as "looking good enough to make me want to spend EVEN MORE time on it", which I intend doing. Not until I'm a rock-star animator (ah,... yeah, ... they exist. Matt knows) will I rest.

So, here is a pic. Okay, its a few, since you've all been so patient.

Firstly, does ANYONE know what on earth is going on here. This is exactly how this looked. The sun is rising behind the "save 75c", and has a vertical flare (weird enough, right). But then there is that odd flare on the left? There is nothing out there. It's not a reflection. Its something atmospheric I suppose. Odd, no?

Now, the next mystery is: Why do they call saskatchewan 'the land of the living skies'. Perhaps the next pic will help. Also, bear in mind that I'm usually too bored of this type of sky to take a picture of it.
Finally, we see a starbucks cappuccino being held up by nothing but the power of my mind.
TRIPPY!!!! I think it was interested in the "where to retire" mag. It's not a big traveller.

That is all.


At 4:43 PM, Blogger Gary Marshall said...

It's called a sun dog -


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