Wednesday, January 10, 2007


It seems an easy thing, right? Especially for folks who've been doing it for years. Well, lets just look at this. Cats do it. Horses do it. Birds do it (Yes, they can ALSO fly. But that's not relevant. Why did you bring that up?). Dogs do it. They LOVE to do it. Cute ones. Like Billy, at the house we are sitting at the moment. In fact, he was even doing it when this topic came into my mind.

Okay, so it BANGED into my mind. I lost my ability to walk. I lost my ability to stand, actually. I tried hard to find it (if flailing around like an octopus having a fit counts). And all because of a little water. Okay, frozen water. INVISIBLE frozen water.

Now, I have the reflexes of a cat. No, not a dead cat OR a lame cat OR a sleeping cat. SHEESH. You people! A particularly reflexy cat! Anyway, these amazingly quick reflexes were of NO use to me. I felt like Wile e Coyote after he's stepped off a cliff and discovers there IS not ground.

Fortunately I'm also built like an Ox, so felt virtually nothing. Okay, so my ass felt it. And my neck. And my head. And my ego.

I held onto the leash though.

That is all.


At 5:25 AM, Anonymous Matt K said...

Ice, ice baby!

Don't feel bad - once in London, I fell on my arse in front of about 30 teenage girls on a school trip!

I think it was the barrage of laughter and not the physical pain that caused the mental schizm...

And all because of some cleverly disguised frozen water...

That is most definitely all.


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