Sunday, January 28, 2007

Amusement from the ER

So I have been doing quite alot of ER work lately, which I mostly enjoy and is a nice change of pace from the mostly mundane life of a GP. I thought I could share some of my most recent amusements:

The first is just really cute, a little one year old boy fell and broke his arm. The whole cast was about 15cm long and took about 3 wraps of fiberglass. To add to the cuteness, he was beautiful, dark hair, blue eyes and french. There is something adorable about a little person with a cast - I think.

A hockey player who managed to get his bottom teeth all the way through his chin.

A new skater who couldn't stop, decided the best way was to put his head into the boards.

A lost tampon.

At 3am, a "sore bottom of my foot". Woke up to go to loo, felt some discomfort, came in. Why not??

Constipation, constipation, constipation. People are obsessed with their bowels. Eat fibre, walk a bit, drink some water and we won't have this problem.

A sore shoulder less than a day after shoulder surgery. Unexpected?? I think not. Did you try taking anything? Asprin? Paracetamol? The stuff the surgeon prescribed? No? Well go home and try it.

Tingling lips. The plague of the prairies I tell you. If anybody knows what causes isolated lip tingling in the young and healthy, let me know.

On the flip side, a sweet 80 something year old granny popped in on the way back from the shops because she had a bit of neck pain and just wanted it checked. 15 minites later she was getting a pace maker.


At 1:07 AM, Blogger Emma said...

Well, judging from what you guys have told us about the level of cuisine there, I'm not sure if this is it. But sometimes if I eat really spicy food it makes my lips tingle. I'm guessing it's the capsacain in the chili having some kind of adverse effect.

And hooray on your move! I've always wanted to visit Vancouver. It sounds wonderful.


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