Monday, March 05, 2007


So this weekend, we decided we needed to get away from Moose Jaw and on the spur of the moment decided to go skiing! Yay, very exciting! We've been meaning to go for ages. Our closest ski slope is just into Alberta, about 4 hours away. So into little, blue bug and off we went!

First, some photo's:

Us on the ski lift, me forcing myself to overcome my fear of heights

Andrew skiing, well stopped. He has become Canadian as far as temperature is concerned, it was 2 degrees and he kept saying how hot he was.....

Me skiing. Looking like the beginner that I am, but actually doing it!

The ski lift. See how high?? How brave am I.

Now some humour. Some of the slopes use a T-bar instead of a lift. Those of you who have skied will know what it is, but basically an upside down T made of metal that you lean against while holding the middle pole and it pulls you up the slope. Easy right? So first time, the operator at the bottom explained this and warned that whatever we did, not to sit as it has a spring in it and we would fall. Two seconds later, the bar comes we move about 5cm, I suddenly feel like I should sit, I do, and Andrew and I are sprawled on the floor skis everywhere. To make it worse I just couldn't get up, and kept slipping all over. Anyway, finally got up and managed to go all the way up. I in fact managed about 6 times in a row. After lunch Andrew wanted to take some photos, so I went back to the T-bar on my own. No problem, I'm a pro at this now. I kept thinking to myself, don't sit, keep your legs straight, don't sit, don't sit. The bar comes, cool metal bar pressing against my thighs the reflex to sit again, I do and again sprawl myself all over the place.

The rest of the day was great. I couldn't be more pleased that we decided to go, mostly because unlike snowboarding, I could actually do it. It was such fun, I can't wait to go again. I am very stiff and bruised today, but it was totally worth it!

That's all from me, I'm sure Andrew will have some more photos soon.


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