Friday, March 09, 2007

Oldies but goodies

Well, because of blogger being a touch flaky, we have some photos from AGES ago that we haven't shared. Just going to put them all up here right now. Some are super old, others not so old. Oh well, enjoy.

Quaint Montreal.
New Years eve in Old Montreal. Millions of people.
Olympic Stadium. Apparently its the tallest leaning tower in the world. I guess thats a bit like being the biggest stupid idea in town.
Man were these frog blue. And this photo doesn't do them justice! But don't eat them. Dont even lick them. No princes, only death.
Porcupines that climb trees. Honestly. It wasn't just kids fooling around and being mean.
These are about the size of my hand. No wait, bigger. No, bigger than that!
We drank sake. Actually, we choked down sake trying to be cool, but it didn't really work. The vegetarian food was amazing though. Famous place which makes the tofu taste like beef and chicken and pork and stuff. Even me (a true meat eater) couldn't tell the difference. Awesome.
Interesting building in "the village". Not sure what it was though.
Biodome. Largest geodesic dome in the ... well, certainly in the area. Maybe even the world. It used to have plastic covers, but they burned off.

That is all.


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