Monday, October 30, 2006

Not so toasty

Well, cold has come. Properly this time. And it's made idiots out of most people. Okay, so not idiots, but slipping sliding idiotic LOOKING people. It snowed LIKE CRAZY (which is what snow does. Doesn't snow hard, or heavily or anything else) today. I had to go out at lunch time, and my steering wheel didn't really work. Well, it worked, but erratically. My car was DEAD keen on going straight. Normally not a major problem, but when some idiot (a proper one) turned right into the road (remember that in this dangerous land you can actually yield right at a red light) as I was nervously going through an orange light, I was forced to use non-official hand signals and some sailor-talk. I would have used my brakes, but they were on strike or something.

Anyway, I tippy-toed my way around the rest of town, and had a GREAT day. Something about the clean whiteness that just makes me smile.

Check out this 20 minute difference in coverage:
and 20 mins later (yes, one of the cars went out and came back in that time. Annoying-wants-us-not-to-use-the-toilet-at-night-because-
she-wakes-up-Granny, actually).

We have some news about Bonanza to tell you too, but I'll let Claire fill you in.

That is all.


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