Thursday, October 12, 2006


It came, and it went. I have no idea where it needed to be, but it didn't hang around. It must be a she, because it was pretty pretty pretty.


We are loving Moose Jaw. It's primarily a tourist town (Al Capone and some tunnels. Who really knows) so it's constantly buzzing. 35,000 people live here, but there are many more in town every day, because it's on the main highway from the east to west coast (or west to east coast, you know. It's the same, for crying out loud!).

It looks pretty much like this:

And this:

And do you know where in the world it is? Here:

And we are here:

That is all.


At 5:55 AM, Anonymous Matt K said...

Yo! Hello from a hot and humid Joburg.

Nice of Google to show us where you stay. Claire - you must be stoked to work so close to home!
I see you're not that far from the North Pole. So Melt, any plans to head up to the Yukon? Round up a few Huskies do some "manly" stuff in the snow?

Ok, so the "manly" bit is pushing it... Ha!

How goes the AM? Keeping you busy I'm sure - will be perfect for the coming winter: cup o' coffe, laptop, duvet and some good ole f-curves!

Will be thinking of you, as I lazily sip my cocktail in the pool this afternoon...

Keep well and keep up the great pics and words!



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