Tuesday, October 03, 2006

First worldness

We've all been to a rock concert, right? We've all pushed and shoved and been vomited on and passed out in front of at a concert, right? Right?

If the Black Eyed Peas concert last night is anything to go by, Canadians haven't. They've been asked to please step down off the cushioned seats, politely encouraged not to take photos with their camera phones and been kept clear of the tidy aisles, though.

Now coming from the all-round moshpit experience of the LAST Black Eyed Peas concert we went to in Joburg, it was quite something. Its a mosh all round in SA. Moshing in the queue to get in, moshing to your place in front of the stage. Moshing to the toilet. Moshing around during the concert, and then moshing with all the other cars as you try to get home. It's tiring.

That said, its also part of the experience. It's a crush with other fans. It's rubbing against a huge sweaty like-minded chap, and being elbowed in the ribs by a frantic girl who wants to see her heroes as much as you do. I think something is lost in the calm of the Canadian rock concert (and perhaps all civilised concerts). Some of the energy. The pump.

I also wondered which the Peas would prefer. They aren't involved in the actual hustle and bustle of the concert floor. They are security guarded to and from everywhere they go, and end up on a nice roomy stage. The only bumping and squishing they do is entirely deliberate. So I would think they want the screaming craziness? Even if the screaming is people being stomped on and head-butted? Surely? Maybe not.

So lets backtrack a touch to give you the low-down on last night. We had been wanting to go to the concert, but it was sold out (we aren't very quick off the mark sometimes). Then Claire got home last night and said "Do you want to go to the Peas concert?!". She may as well have said "Are pug puppies cute?", right?! OF COURSE!!! Turns out, they had "freed up some tickets". This annoying phenomenon is observed minutes before most concerts. They say the seats were reserved for friends and family of the band, but we all know its a lie. Or do we?

We booked online, and rushed off to Regina. Literally booked the tickets and hour and a half before the start. We picked up our tickets and then headed to the venue. Expecting lots of madness, I was nervous, but in literally 8 minutes we were in our seats. Our 6-meters-from-the stage, seats. It seems the lies might well be trues. (yes, the s is deliberate. Sheesh).

A little warm up band noise and the Peas stepped onto the stage. It was so awesome! We could almost reach out and touch them (with a barge pole). We could see that they are actually real people. They have real hair and real clothes with creases and they don't move at 24 frames a second. There is something unique in the "in-the-flesh" experience. Something you just can't describe. They are photos and voices and videos until the second you see them on stage. It's not the same if they are 100 meters away or only visible between the bouncing heads of strangers. And. And! AND!!! It's almost spiritual when one of the member points at you, and signals they he likes your super-man shirt! It was like father christmas and the easter bunny and Buzz lightyear all became real in that moment. I imagine its like sitting on father christmas' lap as a child. Except I'm an adult and I should KNOW its a bit of a "get involved in the crowd" ploy, but I don't care! I still jumped around like a fool. And loved every ear-drum-destroying second.

That is all.


At 2:38 AM, Blogger Clare said...

hey just read your WHOLE blog and love it - have been chuckling to myself all morning. will check back regularly for updates. xx from Clare

At 1:06 PM, Anonymous Matt K said...

Man you guys have been busy!
I don't post any commentsfor a few weeks and you guys go and move to a different town, see the Northern Lights and sit so close to the Peas you coulda had Black Eyes!

Glad to hear a much lighter tone in your posts! Was beginning to think Canada had altered your cerebral pathways - trues!

Hope you guys have a great time in Moose Jaw, and don't go falling off that hill!

Speak to ya soon!

PS: So why is your neck called Andrew, Lamont?

At 9:17 AM, Blogger Geoff said...

Sure you could touch them with a barge pole, but would you want to?


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