Monday, October 30, 2006


So there is a place in Moose Jaw called Bonanza. It has a special hold over this little town. It is a magical place, that draws all the cars of the over eighties to it every day at about 5. It promises endless shrimp and the biggest salad bar in Saskatchewan and best of all, its all bottomless. It is a place we have watched with great curiosity for months and finally, last Wednesday we decided to see for ourselves.

Okay, so we weren't expecting anything amazing, but we weren't quite expecting what we got. So in we go. Its kind of like those restaurants at airports where you get a tray, order some stuff, get it, pay and then eat - except crapper. Here you chose your meat(chicken, beef or shrimp), your drink(pepsi, diet pepsi or root beer) get your drink in a big brown plastic tumbler, pay, then sit. Then you can go to the "bottomless" salad bar before your meat arrives. It was SO gross. I know I'm fussy, but Andrew and Chris thought so too. Dried out carrots, perogies, old macaroni, some lettuce, lots of sour cream and something that looked like fish eyes. We were fascinated by the number of people there though and how much they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was actually very sad, all these old farmers with their caps perched on their heads and their stomachs hanging down to their knees, dentures in hand going to fill up their sad little plastic plate again. Chris( a friend of mine from internship) and I saw many of our frequent patients there and tried unsuccessfully to hide from people who could later testify to us being there.

So our meat came, and it was just that. A piece of meat on a plastic plate. Cool thing was it tasted like braai meat, but that was all that was cool. So after our custard and vanilla ice cream - also from a "bottomless" container, we left. I don't think any of us will go back of our own free will. We could have got a much healthier, better value meal at Macdonalds, but we wouldn't have had such an insight into life as an eighty year old in Saskatchewan.


At 1:56 PM, Anonymous Dad said...

I'm starting to think that Spur isn't such a bad place after all after your descriptions of eating in Canada.

Okay, one trip to Sprigs and Spur gets slapped back into place !

At 7:07 AM, Anonymous sal said...

just your cuppa tea majols...:)


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