Friday, May 25, 2007

Radio advertising

We've never really spoken about this before, but the radio adverts in Saskatchewan were, for the most part, awful. We couldn't work out if it was because the space was cheap, or the producers didn't care, or if Mom and Pop stores could all afford massive slots. I'll give you a brief example, from memory.

I've improved the script somewhat, so imagine a very bad version of this:
"Hey, Bill, do you want to go to the RV shop?"
"No, Mary, my wife, I like our current RV just fine, thank you."
"But Bill, they have really big ones, and their prices are so low I simply can't believe it's true".
"Okay, I'll come have a look".
It's usually around now that I turn off the radio, stop the car and do some shopping. Maybe I'll have a latte. I return to the car...
"So you see, Bill, their prices really are good, and this new RV is so easy to drive."
"You're right, Mary. But I'll miss my old one."
"Ha. Ha. Ha. You're so funny, Bill."

And you know what, I never felt the urge to buy an RV. Maybe I just don't have wheat in my veins.

That is all.


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