Tuesday, May 22, 2007

First of two

So, I have plenty to say, but I feel as though perhaps a little update is in order. I am drinking a LOVELY Cab Sav from Pirramima, to celebrate 5 years with a very very stupid woman (in one way, and one way only - she continues to stay with ME?! You've all met her? What is she thinking? Don't tell her!!!). But, as the title suggests, I'll get to that in a minute.

So, what's happened since your last update. Let's backup (dlodlodlodlo {that was flash-back music} dlodlodlo). We moved to Abbotsford. It's in BC. BC is nice. These are all known facts. We DID have a few hiccups. Lets recap those:

BC wouldn't license Claire because they took something the lovely Saskatchewan folks said the wrong way (gotta love it when communication fails).
Claire said "But I ROCK!!!".
They said "Prove it".
Claire did. (As if there was any doubt).

It was a 3month-no income ordeal with no guarantees and a WHOLE LOT of expenses. "prove it" cost several thousand. No, not Rands, silly deluded folks. AAAAAAaaanyway, I digress. We did it. (My main roll was keeping trouble away from my lovely. She had her head in books, I did floors and dinner and windows. Well, except the windows and dinners (Claire cheffed it up like a mad woman - I put on like 20kg). And roomba did the floors. We love you roomba).

So, we moved. Well, the move happened before the "prove it" exams, and we actually spend the first week in Vancouver to be closer to the exam venue. We'd booked the mover, and found a flat and packed the car. 40 minutes AFTER we were supposed to leave, the mover phoned and said .... oh wait... Hang on, i've been through this. What I HAVEN'T said is that they arrived a full 5 days AFTER they said they would. And while hauling the stuff up the stairs, the driver felt it was necessary to tell me he had a testicle the size of a grape-fruit. I kid you not. Nice!

Since then, things have settled a little. We don't really feel like we live where we live. Its in a bowl of mountains, surrounded by trees and full of pimped out cars. So that last one was a surprise. Abbotsford has a delightful Benoni/Boxburg feel. I bet that if I want some "fly mods" done to the beetle it wouldn't take a moment. I'm thinking of some flames. It will still take some convincing to get Claire on board.

Right, I think that will do it for the moment. I will update you all on Whistler and it's awesomeness next time. Until then, some photos.

Yes, those are all South African degrees. How many canadian's get this one? I laughed like a mad-man!

Where we will live someday!

Me. And a little flower.
Robson Street

That is all.


At 5:32 AM, Anonymous The Grand Poobah said...


Glad to see that you have thwarted the evil of the dark side! (Moving has to be the worst thing to do...)

Nice pics - especially dig the Four Oaks!

Hope your new home treats you well and that fortune will smile upon you for a while. (Let's just hope that fortune brushes it's teeth ;) )

Keep up the blogging - I check you're RSS feed every day - and take care.


PS: I really hope Claire doesn't wise up soon!

At 2:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scenery nice but where are the cars? We want to see pimping on the street....!

Love Jo


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